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TOP 10 TIPS - Choosing a Wedding photographer

  1. 1. Choose someone you like! Your photographer will be with you all day!
  2. 2. Choose someone who has ideas and enthusiasm for your day - A good photographer will want to hear all about your day and get to know you so they can bring out your personalities!
  3. 3. Choose experience, It's a very hard job, a wedding day moves very quickly there are lot's of situations, people, weather and lighting conditions to factor in.
    Only real-life experience teaches us how to manage all of this without mistakes, under pressure and with a smile!
  4. 4. Choose the style you want many bookings come through referrals, your friend might think their photographer was brilliant on their wedding day but do YOU like their style?
  5. 5. View their work carefully, have they got lot's of complete weddings in their portfolio, are the bride and groom looking at their camera!!
  6. 6. Are they insured?
  7. 7. Ask about their equipment, do they have multiple cameras/lenses/lighting - incase something gets dropped.
  8. 8. Will they be attending?! I have heard stories of different photographers being sent to cover a wedding day!
  9. 9. Check the detail - Is it all day or 6 hours? Will they leave if the day runs late?
  10. 10. Choose a QUALIFIED professional - So many people claim to be a professional but the photography industry is unregulated!
    - A QUALIFIED Professional will have been assessed and accredited by one of the UK professional bodies - BIPP, SWPP, MPA This ensures their work is of an acceptable standard and they have the skills to ensure they can do the job.
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