Top 10 Tips - for planning your wedding day - Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes Wedding Photographer | Momentous Photography

TOP 10

1. Personalise, it's lovely to see more of your life as a couple, photos, memories, holidays etc - this is what we are celebrating after all!

  1. 2. Think about your guests - Generally Food, drink and entertainment will ensure all your guests are happy!
    However, think about logistics - It's a long day especially for elderly guests, does anyone need help with mobility, can they get to a toilet, will they need a room during the day?
  2. 3. Wear your wedding shoes around the house before the big day - pack something comfortable for the outdoor shoot incase your heels sink into the ground and stain the perfect white shoes!!
  3. 4. Choose dresses which fit now - it doesn't matter about the size - a well fitted dress will be your best friend. Cut out the size label - we all know we are different sizes in different clothes
  4. 5. Check the boys suits fit (and shoes match)- I cannot tell you how many times I see poorly fitted suits - trousers too big, shirts too small...
    - Order the suits to arrive early in the week - so you can change any which are wrong!
    - Learn to tie a cravate! (I do help with pinning the button holes and straightening ties)
  5. 6. If you have children, ensure one person (who won't be drinking) is dedicated to each child. It's upsetting to notice your child running off in the distance all alone as you are having a photo taken with your Mum!!
  6. 7. Get your engagement ring cleaned - to look super fabulous next to your new wedding ring!!!
  7. 8. Speeches - I think cheeky is endearing, clever is appreciated and incriminating isn't funny - just cringy and awkward for all!! - if anyone is nervous consider having the speeches before the wedding breakfast.
  8. 9. First Dance - This is a scary part of the day for lot's of people - don't panic - choose a slow song and hold each other around the waist - it'll look great in the photos!
    If you are going strictly let me know so I can set up my kit to capture you in full swing!!
  9. 10. Have fun - It's YOUR day, you come first.
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